Play-Doh town playset comes with playdough modeling compound and fuzzy doughville figures

DohvilleThe Play-Doh town called Dohville has a lot to keep you busy. Grow and style fun hair on a variety of different friends. Mold little characters and use the hair dryer to curl hair on any Dohville friend. Playset comes with three cans of modeling compound, four Dohville figures, and shaping tools.

The process of playing with Play-Doh also has therapeutic benefits, providing a sensory outlet that can ease stress and promote relaxation. The act of shaping and kneading the compound can be soothing, making it a popular activity for both children and adults. As Play-Doh retains its shape until deliberately changed, it offers a sense of control over the creative process, fostering a sense of accomplishment as designs take form. Whether used as a means of artistic expression, an avenue for imaginative play, or a stress-relieving pastime, Play-Doh's enduring appeal lies in its ability to captivate hearts and hands alike.