Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop

Creatable, colorful, makeable fun. Twirl, swirl candy for top.

Play-Doh Ice Cream ShopCreate colorful treats with this pretend sweet shoppe. Swirl, scoop and mold lots of pretend goodies, including pretend soft-serve ice cream in cones or cups, mini candies, cookies, pretzels, and a play cake. Two swirl designs let you create colorful cones. Even top your magical masterpieces with fun fake toppings, like sprinkles or make-believe whipped cream. Spoons, dishes and pretend cones let you serve up fun. Playset includes four three-ounce cans of Play-Dough clay and over forty molds and accessories.

Playing with Play-Doh modeling compound is a cherished childhood experience that ignites creativity and imagination. The tactile sensation of squishing, rolling, and shaping the soft, pliable material provides a satisfying and engaging hands-on activity. The vibrant array of colors allows kids to bring their ideas to life, whether they're molding animals, vehicles, or fantastical creatures. The versatility of Play-Doh encourages experimentation, as children learn to mix colors, layer textures, and sculpt intricate details. This process fosters fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while also serving as a form of sensory exploration that can be both calming and stimulating.