Play Laugh Learn

Fisher Price learning home, table, garden, and blocks combine fun with educational songs and activities

Play Laugh LearnThe learning home is a place that's full of fun, and full of great ways for baby to learn-from A-B-C's and 1-2-3's to fascinating everyday experiences, with musical inspiration, sing-along songs, and plenty of discoveries. Both sides are loaded with activities, music, speech, and sounds. The learning table offers many ways for baby to learn academically and experientially. There are two modes: music and learning. In the first modes, baby will learn ABC's, Numbers with Counting, Colors and first words. In the music mode, the table will play fun music with phrases. The main feature is a bowl of alphabet soup that baby can stir up with a spoon to activate lights, sounds, fun phrases and the alphabet song. There are cookies for counting, a fruit bowl for colors and textures, a pizza for shapes, a sippy cup with pop-up action, a peek-a-napkin and fun sounds shakers. It plays 21 tunes with 3 sung learning songs, 12 sounds effects and 3 fun phrases along with baby's first words. The legs are detachable so the table can be used on the floor for a younger baby or attached to create a table with pull up handles.

The Fisher Price blocks helps build babies senses. The blocks are made to highlight sights and basic learning. The first six blocks spin, move, shine, and dazzle. These blocks are full of fascinating sights for baby to see. The other six blocks help baby know there ABC's and 123's and A is for apple, B is for buzzing bee, and C is for a very cute cat. There's so much to discover: tiny objects, interesting motions, sounds, and textures.