Pokemon Sleeping Bag

Pokemon Slumber Bag: Pikachu

Pokemon Sleeping BagYour little one will love cuddling up with Pikachu, one of the most sought-after Pokémon characters. This adorable little electric mouselike creature is so powerful that Pokémon trainers have a difficult time containing it: several Pikachu gathered in one place can set off electrical disturbances in the atmosphere. Along with Ash Ketchum in an action pose, the royal blue slumber bag features just one smiling Pikachu (having just popped out of an open Pokéball). It also bears the ubiquitous message Pokémon. Gotta catch 'em all! The inside is lined with an inviting red fabric that's soft to the touch. Measures approximately 54 by 27 inches zipped.

Children often find sleeping bags fascinating, even when used within the comfort of their own homes. The sense of adventure that a sleeping bag offers seems to tap into a child's natural love for play and imagination. Just zipping up a sleeping bag in their bedroom can make an ordinary night feel like a camping trip or a sleepover party. It offers a break from routine and turns bedtime into an event to look forward to. In addition, sleeping bags give kids a sense of personal space and ownership, much like a mini sanctuary, where they can cozy up with their favorite toys or books. For many children, the confined space of a sleeping bag feels secure and comforting, making it a fun alternative to their regular beds.