Polly Pocket Designables

Flexible doll house: rooms light up, build house above mall, connect different rooms

Polly Pocket DesignablesPolly Pocket and friends will love to shop and play in the new Designables Courtyard and Bedroom Playset. The first floor of the Courtyard features a fantastic disco, an escalator to go to the second floor glam shopping boutique or cafe located on the third floor. The courtyard glows with a light up feature. Stack, mix and match the six Designables Lofts and create the perfect shopping and lifestyle destination. Lila Kitchen includes a doll, a warm and cozy interior light up feature, roomy space and designer touches girls love.

Polly Pocket playsets are renowned for their travel convenience, offering a world of imagination that fits into the palm of your hand. These compact, pocket-sized playsets are easily portable and perfect for on-the-go entertainment. Designed to fold into a compact case, often no larger than a small book, they can be conveniently stashed in a backpack or even a pocket, making them ideal for trips, restaurant outings, or visits to friends and family. Each set opens to reveal a themed world for Polly doll, complete with micro-figures and accessories, allowing children to create stories wherever they may be. This portability and ease of use have made Polly Pocket playsets a favorite amongst parents and children looking for travel-friendly toys.