Quick Clicks

Polly Pocket Quik-Clik House of Style Playset

Quick Clicks Salon's styling station pops on cool new hairstyle. Unique and easy magnetic quik cliks allow Polly to change her outfit, hair, and accessories in just an easy click. Polly Pocket jumps into the magic elevator and by the time she reaches the bottom floor, she is totally dressed. Stop at the cafe for a quick smoothie then off to the salon for a new magnetic hairdo. Comes with one doll and lots of magnetic fashions and accessories. Quick clicks wand instantly changes clothes and hair colors. Poster and doll stand included. Includes magnetic Polly doll with clip-on outfits and hairdos. Magic elevator changes Polly's fashions as she rides.

Dolls with magnetic accessories and clothes offer a level of convenience and ease that enhances the play experience for children. The magnetic features make it simple for even young kids to switch outfits and accessories, encouraging independent play and reducing frustration. This user-friendly design allows for quick changes, so children can spend more time engaged in imaginative storytelling and less time struggling with tiny buttons or snaps. The magnetic system also minimizes the risk of losing small pieces, as they are more likely to stay attached to the doll or to other magnetic items. Additionally, magnetic accessories often have the added benefit of being interchangeable between dolls from the same brand, expanding the possibilities for play and creativity. Overall, magnetic dolls provide a streamlined, user-friendly experience that makes playtime more enjoyable for children and parents alike.