Polly Tekno Parrot Robotic Techno

Polly the Tekno Parrot can think for himself and will act and say things differently depending on what is happening to him.

Polly Tekno Parrot Robotic TechnoPolly the Tekno Parrot is a true robot. He can think for himself and will act and say things differently depending on what is happening to him. He squawks in many expressive ways, laughs out loud when happy, gets worried when he is confused about what is happening around him, coo's when he's petted, catches cold if left too long in his cage, and can even mimic anyone's voice and say it back. Thanks to his sophisticated artificial intelligence software and state-of-the-art sensor technology, Polly will let you know how he is feeling and provides feedback for the care you provide. He knows how long it's been since he's been fed and how often you have petted and played with him. He's quick to let you know he wants out of his cage. Polly has a mind of his own! There are no remote controls to command him. He will do what he wants to do when he wants to do it - just like a real parrot. It all depends on his emotional state based on what his sensors are telling him around him and what has happened to him in the past. The artificial intelligence program in his computer brain decides what Polly should say next. You never know what it will be -- Polly always has a surprise waiting for you.

Children are often fascinated by parrots due to their vivid colors, ability to mimic human speech, and playful personalities. The eye-catching feathers of a parrot can spark a child's imagination and curiosity about the natural world. Additionally, the bird's ability to talk or mimic sounds adds an interactive layer that many other pets don't have, providing not just companionship but also entertainment. Parrots are also known for their intelligence and problem-solving abilities, making them interesting to watch as they interact with their environment. Whether it's in a zoo, as a family pet, or in a picture book, the unique characteristics of parrots make them highly appealing to children who are eager to learn and be entertained.