Pop Ons Building System

Fisher Price motorized construction toys with block pieces that snap together on an activity table with storage space

Pop Ons Building SystemFarm includes lots of pop ons pieces, like basic blocks, action blocks and silly farmyard characters. It's easy for kids to pop the pieces on the pegs to build this farm. When it's built, they can push down on the barn roof to see a chicken pop out. Building was never so easy, or fun, for your little one. A toddler building system where little ones can pop, build and play the fun, easy way. The Busy Action Table Town is a sit-at activity table with lots of building space, fun moving and motorized areas and built in storage space for all of the included blocks and figures. Build easily on the pegged surface or on the two motorized spinning disks with the many blocks and pieces - activate the motorized areas with a push of the red button for exciting motorized action and fun tunes. Also included with the table are eight building blocks, five adorable figures and four specialty action blocks for tons of building fun.

A farm playset is a wonderland of imaginative play for children, offering endless opportunities for creativity and learning. These playsets usually include a range of characters and elements such as barns, animals, tractors, and farmers, allowing kids to simulate real-life farming scenarios. Whether it's feeding the chickens, milking the cows, or driving the tractor, each action can lead to a new adventure. Children learn about the responsibilities and challenges of farming while developing their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. Farm playsets also provide a tactile and sensory-rich environment, which is beneficial for cognitive development. The vibrant colors, different textures, and various shapes involved stimulate a child's senses, making learning fun and engaging. Moreover, these playsets can be a family bonding experience, creating a platform for parents to impart valuable lessons about nature, food production, and even business economics in an enjoyable and interactive way.