Pop Sensation Barbie

Plug in the headset to hear two cool songs or sing along to your stereo - the microphone really works.

Pop Sensation BarbieYou and Barbie are pop stars. Plug in the headset to hear two cool songs or sing along to your stereo - the microphone really works. Plus, Barbie dances on the stand to the music and has two dazzling concert outfits that will wow the crowds. Barbie stays in the mainstream by being the mainstream. This blond beauty can be dressed in her turquoise tank dress, or turquoise boot-cut pants and matching halter-top. Both outfits can be accented with elbow-length sleeves that have fuzzy tufts of turquoise fur at the shoulders. Place Pop Sensation Barbie on the stage along with her plastic silver boom box, press the play button, and watch her dance and sing. Her dancing consists of her arms moving up and down like she is marching in place, and her feet rocking back and forth to give the illusion that she is swaying her hips. The singing consists of her repeating one verse. She will continue to repeat this verse until you press the play button, switching her over to a single verse from the second song that she knows until you hit the stop button. There are two volume settings, but even that doesn't help much as the song selection is so limited. A working headset for young kids is also included. Plug it into the side of the stage, place it on your head with the mic turned toward your mouth, and your voice can be projected alongside Barbie's voice.

A doll playset that transforms your doll into a pop singer taps into a child's love for music and performance, offering a stage for boundless imagination and creativity. From the rehearsal sessions to the big concert, children can direct every detail, choosing the costumes, setting up the stage, and deciding on the setlist. This type of playset often comes with various props like microphones, speakers, and even mini-instruments, giving kids the tools they need to create their dream performance. Role-playing as a pop singer or a concert manager allows kids to explore different aspects of a music career, from the glamor and excitement of the stage to the behind-the-scenes logistics. It helps foster a deep appreciation for music and performance arts, while also encouraging planning, organization, and storytelling skills. Plus, it provides a wonderful opportunity for social interaction, as children can invite their friends and family for a special 'concert,' strengthening communication skills and building confidence.