Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers: Wild Force Deluxe ISIS Command Megazord.

Power Rangers Wild ForceDeluxe Command Megazord includes several play patterns that will be child interactive. Two handles that activates the feature of the Megazords. A crane arm used to pick up evil space aliens that can be lowered and raised up. The left hand has a claw hand that extends out. Missile firing action from the chest. Armadillo shooting action on the right foot and Rhino kicking action on the left. A unique cockpit that will house the Red Power Ranger that is included. Deluxe Isis Command Megazord will includes lights and several sounds.

The Megazord is an iconic element in the Power Rangers series, a colossal fighting machine formed by combining individual Zords, each controlled by a Power Ranger. The Megazord is usually the Power Rangers' last resort, summoned to battle when the enemy grows to gigantic proportions. Each iteration of the Power Rangers has its own version of the Megazord, varying in design, abilities, and the number of Zords required for its formation. Typically, each Zord corresponds to a particular animal, mythical creature, or machine and represents the thematic elements of that Power Rangers series. When combined, they form a humanoid robot that is incredibly powerful, capable of wielding weapons, and usually endowed with special abilities. The Megazord acts as a symbol of teamwork and unity, emphasizing the central message of the Power Rangers: that strength is found in working together toward a common goal.