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Power ScooterIn 2003, these were the specs of tshe BladeZ Moby Extreme 35cc Gas Power Scooter:

The shift from gas-powered to electric scooters marks a significant transition in the world of personal mobility. Electric scooters offer several advantages over their gas-powered counterparts, such as being more eco-friendly by reducing emissions and air pollution. They are also quieter, thereby lessening noise pollution in urban areas. The running costs for electric scooters are generally lower as electricity is cheaper than gasoline and they require less frequent maintenance. Advances in battery technology have also extended the range and efficiency of electric scooters, making them more practical for daily use. Additionally, the simple and compact design of electric scooters, along with quicker refueling times via standard electrical outlets, make them highly convenient for short-distance commuting. This change is aligned with a broader global push toward sustainable transportation solutions to combat climate change.