Power Touch Baby

Reading system from Fisher Price includes learning activities, songs, playful music, sounds, textures, and stories

Power Touch BabyNow it is easier than ever to introduce little ones to the joys of learning. The Power Touch Baby system brings books to life with the gentlest touch of tiny fingers, so it's easy to use. It's also fun, with friendly characters, playful music and sounds, fun textures, charming stories, and lots of activities. There's music on every page, with over thirty-five learning activities and hundreds of songs.

Interactive books with sounds and music offer a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond the conventional act of reading. These books engage children on multiple levels, capturing their attention and making the reading experience more enjoyable and memorable. Sounds can bring a story to life, providing realistic effects that accompany the text—like the roar of a lion in a jungle adventure or the honk of a car in a city-based story. Music can set the emotional tone, adding an extra layer of engagement. These interactive elements encourage children to interact with the content in a hands-on way, pressing buttons to trigger sounds or listening to a musical snippet that enhances the story. Such interactive features can be especially beneficial for young children who are still developing their reading skills, as they make the process more dynamic and engaging.