Precious Moments Dolls

Precious Moments Dolls

Precious Moments DollsGarden Friend 3rd Edition 12" Precious Moments Doll: May Daisy - You'd better have the tulip bulbs handy, because winsome little May Daisy is ready to start digging in the garden. Dressed for work in a brightly flowered blue and yellow cotton jumpsuit, she sports a jaunty yellow polka dot kerchief, and carries a trowel handy for planting. Measuring 12 inches tall, Daisy has a plastic head and limbs attached to a soft, flexible cloth body. While she may look as delicate as a fine china doll, she's durable enough to be seriously loved. All of her removable clothes have Velcro openings, and her thick, wavy brown hair, pulled up in a bouncy ponytail, can be easily combed and styled.

Precious Moments Doll: My Beary Best Friend - Sally - Sally is a smart, sassy Precious Moments doll. With her red curly hair and glasses, those huge brown eyes look positively intelligent on this little vinyl girl. She stands about a foot tall and wears a flower-print dress and removable green clogs. She'll teach your child about friendship as she cuddles her own teddy bear. He, too, has the classic doe eyes of all the Precious Moments dolls. His gray-brown fur and green bow complement his owner's outfit. He stands on big round feet and is 8 inches high. Both Sally and her teddy bear can be cleaned up with a sponge and some warm sudsy water.

Garden Friend 3rd Edition 12" Precious Moments Doll: February Blue Bell - It's easy to imagine this cute, easy-to-carry doll might become a favorite for a special little person. Made by the same folks who bring you Precious Moments collectible porcelain, February Blue Bell is one of 12 cuddly dolls--one for each month of the year. February Blue Bell bears all the distinctive facial features of the collectible Enesco figurines. While there's always the possibility the 12 Garden Friend dolls will catch on as collectibles, they're also appropriate toys. February Blue Bell has long brown curls and wears an outfit to stop traffic: her pants and sleeves are blue-and-white gingham sprinkled with lady bugs, and her jumper is a dark, multicolored floral print. Her jaunty hat matches the floral jumper. She wears sweet light blue shoes (that match her outfit perfectly) and little white socks.

Garden Friend 3rd Edition 12" Precious Moments Doll: November Marigold - Carrying two silk marigolds in her hand, wearing one on her jacket, and another on her hat, the 12-inch-tall Marigold clearly loves her namesake flower! Marigold represents the month of November in Precious Moments' 3rd Edition Garden of Friends Collection and is dressed to reflect the season's falling temperatures. Her dress, in autumnal golds and reds, is made of a cotton print skirt sewn onto a long-sleeved turtleneck top. To bundle up against the cold, Marigold wears a navy blue pinwale corduroy jacket over her dress. A matching corduroy hat perches atop Marigold's golden curls. The green-eyed, sweetly smiling Marigold completes her outfit with knit tights and brown plastic boots. She has a huggable cloth body and her durable head, arms, and legs are made of plastic

12" Billy Praying Precious Moments Doll - All dressed in his aqua-and-white striped pajamas and matching cap, little Billy is all ready for bed. What does he have to do before for he snuggles down and heads off to Dreamland? He has to say his evening prayers, of course. This exquisite Precious Moments doll is an angelic boy with blonde hair and big brown eyes, kneeling to pray. He makes a great companion for your child when someone to cuddle with at bedtime is needed. He even comes with a card containing a copy of "The Lord's Prayer." Prayer "now I lay me down to sleep" is on the doll tag.

Garden Friend 3rd Edition 12" Precious Moments Doll: September Sunny - With green eyes and ash-blonde hair, the 12-inch-tall Sunny represents the month of September in Precious Moments' 3rd Edition Garden of Friends Collection. Sunny's navy blue, polka-dotted cotton dress is printed with one of the sunniest flowers of them all, the daisy. Accentuating Sunny's sweetness is her white collar, decorated with yellow trim and a silk daisy. Sunny's lightly gathered sleeves are finished with red bows. Sunny's hair is arranged in a top-knot ponytail that's held by a ribbon. She holds a sun-screening hat in her hands, in case the September sun extends the summer. Sunny completes her outfit with white cotton pantaloons, socks, and red plastic shoes.

Precious Moments Doll: My Beary Best Friend - Melody - With their huge doe eyes and soft cuddly bodies, these Precious Moments dolls are sure to be a hit. Your child will enjoy playing with her new friend Melody and Melody's fuzzy teddy bear, too. Each one wears a sweet innocent face and huge tell-tale eyes. The blond and blue-eyed vinyl doll stands a bit under a foot tall and has a layered pink dress and removable, matching pink clogs. Her "beary" best friend sports a pink bow tied around his light brown furry neck.