Preschool Learning CD, Flashcards, Books

Beginning sounds, hidden pictures, thinking skills, connect the dots, lowercase and uppercase alphabet

Preschool Learning CD, Flashcards, BooksThis Learning Set is stocked with enough supplies to encourage preschooler's visual, linguistic, and motor skills. Six colorful workbooks cover various academic skills. Each challenging book offers clear instructions and logical practice activities. The books included in this set are: Beginning Sounds, Hidden Pictures, Thinking Skills, Connect the Dots, Lowercase Alphabet, and Uppercase Alphabet. While each workbook provides engaging skill practice, some of the activities (i.e., writing lowercase letters) may be more appropriate for kindergarten-age students. The flashcard set contains 55 activity cards, with a color picture on one side and a coinciding word or number on the other. A parent suggestion card is included, providing interesting game ideas to reinforce rhyming words, numbers, colors, shapes, pairs, and directions. Computer-savvy kids will enjoy the CD-ROM, Beginning Sounds, which provides positive reinforcement and feedback while teaching early reading skills, direction following, and hand-eye coordination.

Flashcards that teach numbers, letters, and words offer a simple yet effective method of learning and reinforcement for children and even adults. These educational tools promote active recall, where the learner has to remember the concept from scratch rather than simply recognizing it. They also facilitate spaced repetition, allowing learners to review and reinforce what they have learned over time. Flashcards are extremely versatile, suitable for individual or group study, and can be used in various settings—be it in a formal classroom, during travel, or in casual home learning environments. Their tangible nature makes the learning process more engaging compared to digital methods, encouraging hands-on interaction that can be particularly effective for tactile learners. These cards help in laying the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy, which are critical in early childhood education. As a result, flashcards that teach numbers, letters, and words are a valuable addition to any learning toolkit.