RC B-2 Bomber B2

3-Channel Radio Control B-2 Bomber with Battery and Charger by Megatech

RC B-2 Bomber B2Ready-to-Fly in minutes. New high-density EPA foam wings span an impressive 48 wide area. Electric engine w/ball bearing gearbox, we easy access hatch to the electronics. Arrives with pro-style 3-channel 72 MHz transmitter, which precisely controls the elevons and variable speed control with automatic shut-off circuit. The special 8.4v NiMH rechargeable battery pack, charger and transmitter. Requires 8 AA Alkaline batteries. A quiet, powerful Mabuchi electric motor drives the Megastealth's propeller through a precision gearbox unit, while variable speed and flight control functions are directed by the Pro-style transmitter.

The Mabuchi Motor Company, founded in 1954, revolutionized the world of small electric motors with its innovative and cost-effective designs. The Mabuchi electric motor is especially well-known for its brushed DC motor models that are commonly used in a variety of applications, including toys, household appliances, and automotive systems. These motors are prized for their reliability, efficiency, and relatively low cost. Over the years, Mabuchi's motors have been instrumental in the popularization of various consumer products, from radio-controlled cars to electric toothbrushes. Their compact size and consistent performance make them a go-to choice for manufacturers around the world. The Mabuchi electric motor has set industry standards and remains a key player in the field of small electric motors.