JLX Overdrive

With ultra fast motor, green rc vehicle travels at race car speeds over dirt, water, snow, and big air

JLX OverdriveThe JLX Overdrive radio control car is fast and versatile. RC drivers can take the wheel of the ultimate R/C experience with this miniature ATV that reaches scale speeds of 225 MPH, performs stunts with self-propelled flipping action tires and has the ability to drive on almost any terrain, including land, water or snow. Kids can even take to the air with a ramp-assisted jump that can propel the JLX more than six and a half feet.

Overdrive is a gear setting in an automobile that allows the engine to run at lower RPMs while maintaining the vehicle's overall speed, thereby improving fuel efficiency and reducing engine wear. Essentially, it permits the output shaft of the transmission to spin faster than the input shaft, using a gear ratio less than 1:1. Overdrive is particularly beneficial for highway driving as it allows for better fuel economy and quieter operation. Modern vehicles often have automatic overdrive systems that engage based on driving conditions, although manual control is sometimes available for specific needs like towing or climbing steep grades.