Switchblade from Airhogs

Air Hogs RC radio-controlled Switchblade transforming stunt flier

Switchblade from AirhogsSwitchblade is a revolutionary stunt flyer with two flight modes: hover mode to stunt plane. It has a three hundred foot range and comes with controller hanger, base, and holding container. Switchblade performs a magical in-air transformation using the latest in flight technology. The remote control flier takes off like a UFO and transforms in-air to a high power aircraft. The Switchblade comes with an RF controller, plug-in charger, extra propellers, and a built in battery for power and performance.

The history of stunt planes, also known as aerobatic planes, dates back to the early 20th century, not long after the invention of powered flight. Initially, aerobatics were largely the domain of military pilots who performed stunts as a way to improve their combat skills and to show off their prowess. The first recorded aerobatic maneuver—a loop—was performed by Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov in 1913. Over time, aerobatics evolved into a form of entertainment and a competitive sport. Planes specifically designed for aerobatics began to appear, featuring lightweight, highly maneuverable designs and powerful engines. The Pitts Special, introduced in 1944 by Curtis Pitts, became one of the most iconic stunt planes and is still used in aerobatic competitions today. Events like the Red Bull Air Race and various national and international aerobatic competitions have added to the visibility and popularity of this aviation discipline. Advances in technology and materials have allowed for even more complex and daring maneuvers, making aerobatics a continually evolving and thrilling aspect of aviation.