Zero Gravity Wall Climber

Radio-controlled Air Hogs vehicle climbs on walls

Zero Gravity Wall ClimberAir Hogs Zero Gravity RC vehicle actually drives on walls. Drive from the ground to the wall, up down and in wild patterns, full function anywhere. The advanced Air Venturi system drives the velocity of air underneath the vehicle to create massive down-force that keeps Zero Gravity on the wall.

A Venturi vacuum refers to a vacuum created by the Venturi effect, a principle in fluid dynamics discovered by Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi. The Venturi effect occurs when a fluid (such as air or liquid) flows through a tube with a constriction, causing a decrease in pressure and an increase in velocity at the narrowest part of the tube. In the context of a Venturi vacuum, this reduced pressure creates suction, effectively turning the device into a vacuum generator. Venturi vacuums are commonly used in a variety of applications ranging from industrial processes to carburetors in internal combustion engines, where they help mix fuel and air. Unlike traditional vacuum pumps that rely on mechanical movements to create a vacuum, Venturi vacuums have no moving parts, making them simple, reliable, and easy to maintain.