RC Shark

Radio-controlled floating illuminated shark - make this deep sea creature hunt down family member in the dark

RC SharkAir Swimmers swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like swimming motion. These amazing fish provide hours of remote control indoor fun in even the smallest of rooms. They require only four AAA batteries (one in the body, three in the controller) and have complete up, down and 360 degree turning control. The Shark is remote infra-red controlled and will respond to your inputs moving up and down most importantly left to right with fish like tail movement. The helium filled fish body is made from durable nylon and with appropriate use will stay inflated for weeks depending on altitude.

Children are often fascinated by sharks due to their mysterious and awe-inspiring nature. These apex predators of the ocean are often depicted as powerful and fearsome creatures in media, capturing the imagination of young minds. The allure also comes from sharks being somewhat enigmatic; they live in the depths of the ocean, a place not easily accessible, adding an element of mystery to their existence. Shows, books, and movies that feature sharks often focus on their speed, agility, and sometimes, their ferocity, all of which are characteristics that many children find thrilling. Educational content that explains the various types of sharks, their habitats, and their roles in marine ecosystems can also spark a sense of wonder and a thirst for knowledge. Whether it's the intrigue of the unknown or the excitement of watching these incredible creatures, sharks captivate the attention and curiosity of children like few other animals do.