Rescue Heroes Mountain Action Command Center

Rescue Heroes Mission Select Mountain Action Command Center

Rescue Heroes Mountain Action Command CenterYou're in charge. Hook up any members of the Mission Select Rescue Heroes Team to the tethered backpacks. Then select a mission on the Mountain Action Command Center dial and press the activation button. You'll hear Warren and the figures actually talk to each other about the very same mission you selected. Press a different activation button and one of Warren's four helpers will join in the conversation. Dial a different mission and their conversation changes. Dial up the excitement with six different missions to choose from: fire, flood, tornado, volcano, earthquake or avalanche. Backpacks also work with existing Voice Tech figures.

An action figure playset focused on mountain rescue offers a thrilling and educational play experience for children. These sets usually come with a variety of elements such as rugged terrains, cliffs, rescue helicopters, and specialized rescue action figures equipped with ropes, harnesses, and other rescue gear. The playset allows kids to engage in imaginative scenarios that involve problem-solving, courage, and teamwork. They can pretend to be the hero who scales a mountain to rescue stranded climbers or operates the helicopter to airlift someone to safety. It's not just about the fun of role-playing; it's also an excellent way for children to learn about the complexities and challenges faced by real-life mountain rescue teams. The tactile and interactive features of such a playset add layers of realism that captivate young minds, making it a perfect blend of education and entertainment.