Rescue Heroes

Rescue Heroes Cliff Hanger

Rescue Heroes Cliff HangerFisher-Price makes a whole series of cool Rescue Heroes action figures, including Cliff, the Air Rescue Specialist. Push a button on the top of his glider backpack and out pops his toy hang-glider-like red wings (this pack is removable and can be worn by other Rescue Heroes figures). Cliff has big feet for steady landings, a rescue clamp that automatically closes around objects, and movable body parts. He stands about 8 inches high and is made from sturdy stuff so he can withstand crash landings at the hands of exuberant 5 year olds. It's fun and durable. Leap and soar, glide and swoop. Cliff Hanger uses his jet-powered hang glider to catch air currents and to fly to wherever people need help. Then, with is great clamp he lifts and carries them to safety. So if trouble's in the wind, Cliff's just the hero to help.

Rescue Heroes are a line of action figures that were first introduced by Fisher-Price in the late 1990s. These toys stand out for their focus on emergency rescue personnel rather than the traditional superhero or combat-oriented action figures. With characters modeled after firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and other rescue professionals, they aim to provide children with role models who perform heroic deeds as part of their everyday jobs. The figures often come with appropriate gear and accessories, like fire hoses, rescue harnesses, and medical kits, to make play more realistic and engaging. Over the years, the brand has also expanded to include animated series, movies, and even video games. The Rescue Heroes line not only offers hours of imaginative play but also inspires a sense of compassion and a desire to help others, teaching kids that real heroes come in many forms.