Rewinder Vehicle from Tyco RC

Tyco Radio Controlled Rewinder: Green and Blue

Rewinder Vehicle from Tyco RCThe Tyco Radio-Controlled Rewinder is a two-sided, four-wheeled, stunt vehicle with the ability to extend and contract its body on command. Rewinder's tall drive wheels allow it to flip and perform 360 degree spins. Requires a TMH FlexPak rechargeable battery pack and one 9V transmitter battery.

Remote-controlled (R/C) stunt vehicles bring an adrenaline-pumping experience to the palm of your hand. These specialized R/C cars and trucks are designed to perform tricks, flips, and jumps, much like their life-sized, daredevil counterparts. With unique features like gyroscopic stabilization, high-speed capabilities, and often rugged construction, these vehicles allow kids (and adults alike) to push the boundaries of physics from a safe distance. They offer an excellent way to understand basic principles of mechanics and aerodynamics while honing hand-eye coordination and timing skills. Performing successful stunts often requires skillful operation, adding a layer of challenge and satisfaction that goes beyond merely racing an R/C vehicle. The thrill of executing a perfect flip or landing a tricky maneuver never gets old, making R/C stunt vehicles an endlessly entertaining venture.