Androidz - mini robots on wheels

Mini rolling action figures

Androidz - mini robots on wheelsMini robot androids that battle each other. Each one comes with special codes that you unlock on the Web. Droidz are action figures with wheels that really move. Strikebots vs. defendbots in the ultimate competition. Great for kids who like robots and cars. Inspired by Transformers, but also a little like battlebots because the toys clash in arena-style competition. Toys with wheels are always a hit with boys. That they are robots, that their arms move, that they can roll around - all of these things make these toys good stocking stuffers. And like so many toys this season, the price is low for what you get.

BattleBots is a televised robot combat tournament where teams of engineers, students, and hobbyists build remote-controlled robots designed to battle each other in an enclosed arena. The objective is to disable or destroy the opponent's robot while keeping one's own robot operational. These robots are equipped with a variety of weapons, such as spinning blades, hammers, flippers, and even flamethrowers, to gain a competitive edge. BattleBots provides an entertaining yet educational platform that not only captivates audiences with the spectacle of robot fights but also stimulates interest in engineering, robotics, and technology. The show has garnered a cult following and has led to the growth of competitive robot combat as a hobby and an educational tool.