Battle Strikers

Battling top powers up to more than 6000 RPMs with the turbo launcher

Battle StrikersChoose you striker for battle. Power you striker and throw down. Battle tops, arena, stadium, controller. You control the battle. Re-power your Striker through magnetic connectivity to continue your battle. Two-player tournaments right out of the box. Set includes two battle tops, controllers, and turbo launchers and one battle arena.

Battle tops are spinning tops designed for competitive play, where two or more players launch their tops into an arena with the aim of knocking out or outlasting their opponent's top. Often made from a combination of plastic and metal, these tops are engineered for balance, speed, and combat efficiency. They often come with interchangeable parts like tips and blades, allowing players to customize their tops for specific battle strategies. Popularized by brands like Beyblade, battle tops have not only become a recreational pastime but also a competitive sport in some circles. The game blends elements of strategy, skill, and chance, making it captivating for both participants and spectators. Battle tops also serve as an entry point into understanding basic principles of physics such as angular momentum, friction, and centrifugal force.