Shooter Bots

Artificial intelligence and infrared technology guide toy robot in a game of high-tech tag

Shooter BotsThe fast-paced interactive game with a tracking robot. Defeat the roving toy bot in three rounds before it gets you. Lights, vibrations, and sounds register each hit and miss. Four chances to defeat the bot on three increasingly difficult levels.

Games of tag that incorporate infrared sensors elevate the traditional playground game to a high-tech, interactive experience. Using gadgets that emit and detect infrared beams, players can "tag" each other from a distance, adding a layer of strategy and excitement. This technology-enabled approach allows for more complex game modes, scorekeeping, and even special abilities or power-ups. Such advancements make the game accessible and appealing to a wider age range, from young children to adults. It also enables play in various settings, from indoor arenas to nighttime environments. Overall, integrating infrared sensors into tag games offers a modern twist, making the classic game more engaging, inclusive, and versatile.