Pound Puppies

Here puppy dog toy comes when you call

Pound PuppiesCall these pups and they will come out of their doghouses to play with you. See how excited they get with their adorable yelps, barks, and spinning movements. Put their leash on and take them for a walk with you. If you stop playing with them, these toy pups will remind you they're still there with a friendly yelp. If you still don't respond, they'll find their way back to their doghouse and rest patiently for you to call them to play with you again. Comes with leash and dog bone. You won't be able to resist taking one home.

A playset that includes a dog house provides a delightful and imaginative setting for children to engage in role-play activities. Kids can pretend to be pet owners, veterinarians, or dog trainers, taking care of their toy dog's needs, such as feeding, bathing, and walking. The dog house becomes a central element in countless stories and scenarios that kids can act out, allowing them to exercise their creativity and social skills. In addition to offering a sense of responsibility and empathy, the dog house playset can also incorporate elements like hidden compartments, moving parts, or sound effects, further enhancing the play experience. It's a versatile toy that offers endless possibilities for fun and education.