Interactive dinosaur is the mean predator with a big attitude

ScreatureLifelike and realistic with ferocious sounds, Screature robotic dinosaur toy uses an infrared sensor to sense and attack his prey with your help. If you can control Screature, he will respond loyally to your petting, but if you pet him in the wrong place, Screature attacks. Set him in room guard mode and Screature will guard all your stuff. Screature is a mean little predator with a big appetite.

A robotic dinosaur toy brings the prehistoric world to life in an exciting and interactive way. These toys often come equipped with a range of features like roaring sounds, lifelike movements, and sometimes even the ability to respond to commands or follow a set path. For kids fascinated by dinosaurs, this is a dream come true, offering not only a thrilling play experience but also a chance to learn about these ancient creatures. The blend of technology and imagination enables children to engage in both educational and creative play. The robotic aspects add an extra layer of intrigue, teaching basic principles of robotics and programming in a fun, accessible manner.