Swim to Me Puppy

Little dog swims when placed in the water

Swim to Me PuppyThis swimming dog from Rescue Pets is a cute little puppy that swims all day. He begins to swim when placed in water. A fun bathtub toy that will entertain children while they bathe.

Self-propelled bathtub toys add a whole new layer of fun and engagement to bath time, turning it into an adventure filled with movement and exploration. These toys, often shaped like boats, fish, or other aquatic creatures, glide, swim, or whirl across the water's surface, capturing the imagination of young children. The moving parts can also serve as an early introduction to basic physics concepts like propulsion and buoyancy. These toys can also encourage imaginative play, as children might pretend they're in control of a busy harbor or an underwater kingdom. Overall, self-propelled bathtub toys make bath time not just about getting clean, but also about having a splashy, interactive experience.