Tumble Time Tigger

Sound activated plush tiger responds to your voice

Tumble Time TiggerSound activated plush Tigger amazes kids with his tumbling skills, fun phrases, and wacky sound effects. Press Tigger's ear, then clap or call out to him to bring Winnie the Pooh's bouncy friend to life. Tigger responds to kids with daring cartwheels and funny handstands. Features a fun musical track to add to the frenetic fun. Just call out to Tigger or clap your hands to keep tumbling Tigger moving. A fun musical track plays and adds to the frenetic fun. While kids get to hear fun phrases from Tigger and wacky sound effects as he amazes with his tumbling skills.

Tigger, a character from the beloved Winnie the Pooh series, has captured the hearts of audiences for generations with his boundless energy, enthusiasm, and love for bouncing. His irrepressible spirit and positivity make him a joyful counterpoint to the more somber or cautious characters in the Hundred Acre Wood. Tigger's willingness to tackle any challenge head-on, often without thinking through the consequences, adds elements of comedy and adventure to the stories. Despite his sometimes rash behavior, his underlying loyalty and kindness make him endearing to both young and older audiences alike. Tigger's memorable catchphrases and distinctive voice, originally brought to life by Paul Winchell and later by Jim Cummings, have only added to his lasting appeal.