ZhuZhu Pets

Wake up num nums, chunks, pipsqueak, build it, change it reaarange it, so much fun, play all day with fun hamster robotic pets

ZhuZhu PetsStarter set features figure eight layout that sets up action from Patches as he chatters and scatters around the corners. Patches the hamster loves to explore his special track play set. He has special buttons that you can press to get him to talk, explore, or take a nap. Patches is like a real hamster. He enjoys being petted, explores his surroundings, and sleeps when tired. These fake hamsters scoot, scurry and scamper around their environment. The kits come with openings for connecting additional ZhuZhu Pets playsets and accessories. Connector track section features special track bumps that allow your ZhuZhu Pets hamsters to use a kind of artificial intelligence to make unique sounds and funny movements.

Children are often drawn to hamsters because these small, furry creatures offer companionship and are relatively easy to care for. The size of hamsters makes them manageable for young kids, fitting comfortably into a child's hands and living spaces. Their playful antics—whether it's running on a wheel or navigating through tunnels—provide endless entertainment. Taking care of a hamster also offers a child their first lessons in responsibility, teaching them about feeding schedules, habitat cleaning, and the general well-being of another living creature. The hamster's nocturnal nature can also make for exciting evenings as children watch their pet come to life after sundown, furthering the sense of attachment and fascination.