Rock Tumbler Kit

Rock tumblers speed up the smoothing process of water.

Rock Tumbler KitDoes a quality job of polishing stones. Lighter motor than other models. Besides tumbler, kit contains polishing rock, 4 grades of polishing abrasives, jewelry findings, and booklet entitled A Guide for Rock Polishers. Transforming rough rocks into smooth and beautiful objets d'art can spark conversation in the areas of geology, cause and effect, and the origins of the physical world. The rock tumbler can foster independent play for one child, and cooperative play for a group. It may be a grind to wait nearly 30 days to create polished rock jewelry with the Rolling Stones Rock Tumbler. But, as the makers write, you are grinding in days what it takes nature thousands of years to do in a stream, river, or ocean. So, find a clean, remote area with a properly wired outlet where the constant tumbling won't disturb others (and where curious little hands won't wreak havoc), and start rolling. The first step involves assembling and lubricating the tumbler itself. Once the two-cup, plastic barrel rolls easily atop its 10-inch-long and 6-inch-high plastic base, it's time to open the small bag of gritty stones that comes with the kit. Constant maintenance and much patience will reward the owner with shiny stones in about one month. A small sampling of jewelry settings and findings is provided, along with order forms for gold-tinted accessories.

Rock Tumblers: Transforming Stones into Artistic Treasures

Tumbled RocksRock tumblers are fascinating devices that can turn ordinary rocks into polished gems. They not only create beautiful objects but also foster an appreciation for geology and artistic expression. Here's how:

Rock tumblers offer a unique combination of scientific education, artistic creativity, and personal enrichment. They turn ordinary stones into extraordinary treasures, providing a hands-on experience that can inspire and delight people of all ages.