Rocket Ship Beach Dan Zanes

Rocket Ship Beach by Dan Zanes and Friends

Rocket Ship Beach Dan Zanes1. Polly Wolly Doodle (with Sheryl Crow) 2. King Kong Kitchie (with the Wonderland String Band) 3. Bushel and a Peck (with Donald Saaf and the Rocket Ship Singers) 4. Go Down Emmanuel Road (with the Sandy Girls) 5. Goodbye Old Paint 6. Father Goose (with Rankin' Don and the Rocket Ship 7. Keep on the Sunny Side (with the Wonderland String Band) 8. Erie Canal (with Suzanne Vega) 9. Buckeye Jim 10. Brown Girl in the Ring (with the Wonderland String Band and G.E. Smith) 11. Hello (with Barbara Brousal) 12. All My Friends Live in the Woods (with Simon Kirke) 13. Weather Report (Sophie and Emma) 14. Mole in the Ground 15. On the Sunny Side of the Street (with Rankin' Don and Donald Saaf) 16. Sidewalks of New York (with a cast of thousands) 17. Over the Rainbow (with Donald Saaf)

Dan Zanes is an American musician and children's music performer who gained fame as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the rock band The Del Fuegos during the 1980s. After the band disbanded, Zanes embarked on a successful solo career focused on creating family-friendly, folk-influenced music. He has released several albums, videos, and books aimed at introducing children and families to a wide variety of musical styles, including folk, traditional, and world music. Dan Zanes' work often features collaborations with other artists and emphasizes community and inclusivity, offering a multi-generational appeal. His contributions to children's music have earned him a Grammy Award and a devoted following among parents and kids alike.