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Sailor Moon, the fantasy adventure of a young girl who discovers that she is the defender of Love and Justice, is an international phenomenon that keeps getting bigger.

Sailor Moon 11Sailor Moon is a beloved Japanese anime and manga series that follows the enchanting journey of Usagi Tsukino, a teenage girl who transforms into the titular superhero, Sailor Moon. Created by Naoko Takeuchi, the series is celebrated for its captivating blend of magical adventures, powerful friendships, and themes of love and justice. Let's delve into the enchanting world of Sailor Moon and capture the essence of its enduring appeal:

Ordinary to Extraordinary: The story centers around Usagi Tsukino, an ordinary schoolgirl who discovers her destiny as Sailor Moon, the guardian of love and justice. Usagi's transformation into a courageous superhero marks the beginning of her journey to protect the world from dark forces.

Team of Guardians: As Sailor Moon, Usagi is joined by a diverse group of fellow Sailor Guardians, each representing a celestial body and possessing unique powers. Together, they form a formidable team to battle evil and defend the world from malevolent entities.

Themes of Friendship: Sailor Moon highlights the power of friendship and unity. The close bond between Usagi and her Sailor Guardian friends showcases the strength that can arise when individuals come together for a common cause.

Magical Transformations: The series is known for its iconic transformation sequences, in which the Sailor Guardians change from their civilian identities into their dazzling superhero forms. These sequences add a sense of wonder and spectacle to the show.

Love and Romance: Sailor Moon explores themes of love and romance, with Usagi's relationship with Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask) at the heart of the story. Their love story adds depth to the narrative and resonates with viewers of all ages.

Iconic Villains: The series features a memorable cast of villains, including the sinister Queen Beryl and her minions. The battles between the Sailor Guardians and these adversaries showcase both action-packed combat and psychological tension.

Evolution and Growth: Usagi's journey is one of personal growth and development. Throughout the series, she transforms from a carefree schoolgirl into a brave and self-assured leader, embodying the spirit of the Moon Princess.

Timeless Inspirations: Sailor Moon has inspired generations of fans with its messages of empowerment and self-discovery. The characters' struggles and triumphs resonate with viewers as they navigate their own challenges and aspirations.

Cultural Impact: Sailor Moon's influence extends beyond its original run, with numerous adaptations, spin-offs, merchandise, and cultural references that continue to celebrate its legacy.

In summary, Sailor Moon is a magical and captivating anime that intertwines themes of friendship, love, and heroism. Through its compelling characters, mesmerizing transformations, and timeless messages, the series has left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans around the world.

Power of FriendshipSailor Moon, the fantasy adventure of a young girl who discovers that she is the defender of Love and Justice, is an international phenomenon that keeps getting bigger.

Sailor Moon - In This Corner Sailor Venus - This video has four of the best episodes. It begins with "Sailor V Makes the Scene" where a fake sailor moon is rampaging around the city stealing all of Serena's glory. In this episode we are introduced to a new Negaverse Creep Malachite and the 5th sailor scout Venus who ends up saving the day. Darien is tricked by Zoicite, and gets badly hurt. In the next episode - "Crystal Clear Destiny" - Darien and Serena finally reveal their shocking identities to each other. Zoicite and Darien were going to have a duel for the rainbow crystals, but Zoicite tricks him and Malachite steals the crystals. When Zoicite nearly kills Tuxedo Mask, the rainbow crystals leave from Malachite and become one in front of Sailor Moon. The Imperium Silver Crystal is revealed, and the Moon Princess is Serena. In the next episode "A Reluctant Princess" Serena is totally overwhelmed and doesn't think she can handle all the responsibility that comes with being a princess. She just wants to be a normal teenage girl. The Negaverse takes Tuxedo Mask, and tries to wipe out all of his memories that he regained with sailor moon. Serena ends up showing her real power when Malachite tries to attack her. And Queen Beryl kills Zoicite. The final episode is called "Bad Hair Day". Serena takes the Tuxedo Mask dilema really harsh! She doesn't even eat! Mina tries to cheer her up by going to a Salon for free hair cuts. And Serena wants to chop off those "meatballs" on the top of her head. An evil Negaverse monster is revealed, and Tuxedo Mask shows up! Is he friend or foe? Find out in this tape of four great episodes!

Sailor Moon - Trials and Troubles - Poor Serena! Things are bad enough when the evil Queen Beryl tries to recapture the seven who found the Rainbow Crystals, but when the Sailor Scouts start arguing among themselves things begin to go seriously wrong. Then the forces of the Negaverse finally manage to break into our universe and Sailor Moon has to face off against Beryl.

Sailor Moon - The Legend Begins - To stop the evil Queen Beryl from taking over the Earth, Luna the magic cat seeks out 14-year-old Serena and reveals that she has the magic powers of Sailor Moon! Although she's unsure of herself at first, Serena quickly learns that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Together with Luna, the mysterious Tuxedo Mask and her many other friends, Sailor Moon leads the fight for good and justice! Watch out Queen Beryl! Earth has a new protector and her name is Sailor Moon! High-pitched, relentlessly fast paced, and filmed in eye-gouging gumball colors, this video series combines two previously released dubbed episodes from the Japanese animated series, along with a couple of new ones. The adventures of a group of schoolgirl superheroes, Sailor Moon is a lighthearted kiddy variation on a ubiquitous Japanese subgenre, stories of alienated adolescents granted paranormal powers and enlisted on the side of virtue in apocalyptic struggles across space and time. Imported to the U.S. in an attempt to create a post-Power Rangers franchise for girls, the show never became a mainstream megahit in the states, although it still has passionate fans (thanks to airings on the Cartoon Network). The chirpy, giggly tone may be off-putting, but the level of visual imagination (and the self-sufficient courage of the young heroines) can be exhilarating, especially when kids and parents watch together. This first volume kicks off with the "secret origin" episode, "A Moon Star Is Born," in which Tokyo middle-school student Serena is transformed into the title character by the occult power of a mysterious locket. She acquires a cute sidekick (a talking cat named Luna), and in the three succeeding episodes she begins to assemble her support team of spunky Sailor Scouts, with names like Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. In the second episode, "Talk Radio," a phantom radio program is somehow connected with the door-to-door delivery of flowers whose fumes put people to sleep. Also includes the episodes "Slim City" and "So You Want to Be a Superstar," with a total running time of 90 minutes.

Sailor Moon StarsSailor Moon S - The Search for the Savior - The three warriors of the outer system (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) refuse to cooperate with Sailor Moon and think that she and the other Sailor Soldiers only get in the way their attempts to save the world from the evil Messiah of Silence. It certainly doesn't help that even though Sailor Moon has gotten stronger - so have the Daimohns! Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa has made a new friend, Hotaru. Will they learn that her father is the evil Professor Tomoe before it's too late!

Sailor Moon S - The Secret Revealed - In the battles with Eugeal over the heart crystals, Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Soldiers learn the true identities Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Soon after, the secrets of the Talismans and the Holy Grail are revealed and Sailor Pluto makes her appearance. But even though the Holy Grail awakens new powers within Sailor Moon, their quest to save the Earth is only the beginning!

Sailor Moon - The Power of Friendship - Fighting evil is a tough job, and even a superhero like Sailor Moon can use a little help from her friends. So when Serena's friend Amy decides to join the fight against evil, she becomes the mighty Sailor Mercury! And if two magical Sailor Scouts aren't enough to defeat Queen Beryl's evil Jedite henchmen, get ready for the surprise appearance of the third Sailor Scout, the amazing Sailor Mars! By day she is Serena, a student at Crossroads Junior Academy. But when the safety of the world is at stake, she transforms into the magical Sailor Scout known as Sailor Moon. With the guidance and wisdom of her talking cat, Luna, Sailor Moon is one tough super hero. In this second volume of four episodes ("Computer School Blues," "Time Bomb," "An Uncharmed Life," and "Nightmare in Dreamland"), we are introduced to some new Sailor Scouts, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury. These brave girls take on the menacing forces of Queen Beryl and her evil sidekick Jedite. They use their quick wits and fantastical powers to triumph over the villains, proving that friendship and doing the right thing win out. At the end of each episode Sailor Moon gives her ideas on what it takes to have strong character. They include "do your homework," "get a good night's sleep," "listen to your parents."

Sailor Moon - Mysterious Tuxedo Mask - The Sailor Scouts are busier than ever as the evil Neflite continues to use lies and trickery to aid Queen Beryl in her plans to conquer the Earth! From enchanted cameras to dangerous dollies, Beryl's henchman will stop at nothing in his effort to stop Sailor Moon and her friends. But when Neflite sends a fake Tuxedo Mask out to capture the heart of Serena's friend Molly, he makes a crucial mistake... because the real Tuxedo Mask doesn't like being imitated!

Sailor Moon R The Movie - The Promise of the Rose - This Japanese import featuring five teenagers with superhero powers may turn out to be for older girls what Pokemon is for the pee-wee set. The fantasy-action story lines of Sailor Moon (named for the leader) is typical anime fare--which means it's far more creative than anything you'll see on Saturday morning. And far more complex--the stories are intricate and flashback sequences feature wordless narrative. Then again, what high-spirited girl wouldn't love the magical makeup that transforms hip schoolgirls into butt-kicking heroines? In this one-hour feature, we meet a new foe, a mysterious childhood friend of Sailor Moon's boyfriend who returns--from deep space! His evil plan to rid the Earth of life includes flowers with awesome powers, vine-covered foes, and telekinetics. Quite the challenge for Sailors Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. Despite the action, the series certainly has a different feel and color scheme than most male-driven anime. The Japanese have two terms: shonen (for boys) and shojo (for girls), and if girls haven't had a chance to see the shojo anime, this is the starting point. This subtitled version is uncut from the original Japanese cartoon, and the reading crowd above 7 is the appropriate audience for the video's occasional spooky imagery. This unedited version was soaked up by kids in Japan, but the cultural differences might be questionable for American parents. The dubbed version has minor edits in action and dialogue, targeting a slightly younger crowd.

Sailor Moon, The Movie - Boxed Set Trilogy - This boxed set contains the Sailor Moon features in their edited (suitable for TV), dubbed format: Sailor Moon R: The Movie, the Promise of the Moon, Sailor Moon S: The Movie, Hearts in Ice, and Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie, Black Dream Hole.

Sailor Moon - Field Trips - Adventure can happen anywhere, especially when you're Sailor Moon! First a trip to a finishing school turns into a nightmare when it turns out that the teacher really wants to finish off her students! Then an avalanche threatens to disrupt the scouts' skiing trip, a hunky ice skating star turns out to be a pawn of the evil Negaverse, and a creature in a lake tries to wreck Serena's family vacation! The excitement never stops in the ninth incredible collection of Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon S - Secret Destiny - Sailor Moon and her friends continue to battle the mysterious Witches 5 over the heart crystals. Meanwhile they continue to depend upon the help form Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, but will they ever learn about their mysterious past and their visions about the end of the world?

Green Eyed MonstersSailor Moon - Green Eyed Monsters - These are one of the last few episodes before all the are combined to form the Emperium crystal and reveil the moon princess. The last episode in this video is even though Zocite has gotton all the rainbow crystals out of their holders she only got 5 of the 7 rainbow crystals. So she goes out to attack Serena's best friend and that way Tuxedo mask would show up and finally give her back the two rainbow crystals.

Sailor Moon Super S The Movie - Black Dream Hole - An anime variant of the Pied Piper story, this one-hour movie pits the pretty soldiers against Queen Valdiana, who wants to put the world to sleep in order to harvest dream energy. Aimed at younger Sailor Moon fans, the film puts the ultra-cute Chibi-Usa at the center of the fairy-tale plot (she's Sailor Moon's yet-to-be-born daughter, sent back from the future for reasons too complicated to explain). Nevertheless, there's enough wacky humor and superpowered action (including an appearance by Sailor Uranus and the other Outer Senshi) to keep all ages interested. The opening sequences look wonderful--a flying ship comes to carry away the children who have been hypnotized by a flute-playing fairy--and the haunting music in this subtitled version adds a little extra chill to the atmosphere.

Sailor Moon S - Birthday Blues - Sailor Venus' athletics skills are put to the test in a must-win volleyball contest over her friend's pure heart. Then, when the heart-snatchers target Serena, Tuxedo Mask is captured. To make matters worse, SErena cannot transform into Sailor Moon and Kaorinite knows her secret identity! Will the other scouts be able to recover Serena's heart crystal from Kaorinite? Contains uncut episodes: Retire from the Sailor Soldiers!? Minako's Concern, Usagi in Tears! Glass Shoes for Her Birthday, The Pure Heart Stolen! Usagi's Biggest Crisis.

Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars Joins the Battle - The battle against the evil Queen Beryl and her Negaverse continues as new enemies attack the Sailor Scouts. First a dream vacation on a cruise ship becomes a nightmare when Jedite and Titus steal all of the love energy from the passengers, then the sinister Neflite uses lies and disguises to trick innocent people into helping Queen Beryl's wicked plans! It will take all three Sailor Scouts to stop Queen Beryl and the forces of evil in the third fantastic volume of Sailor Moon.