Siege Caster Scooter

Rear caster wheel provides full drifting motion

Siege Caster ScooterDrifting is the most sought feature of scooters and karts this season. The rear caster wheel provides that drift. The Razor Siege scooter can be ridden in a traditional manner or twisted to slide on the side. A folding frame system makes it portable and easy to store. At the same time, it is made of durable steel for sturdy strength. The handlebars are adjustable.

Scooters with rear caster wheels are designed to add an extra layer of excitement and skill to the riding experience, especially when it comes to drifting. These specialized scooters allow for more flexible movement, enabling riders to execute spins, drifts, and slides that are not possible with traditional scooters. The rear caster wheels are pivotal, rotating freely, which makes it easier to perform these tricks. For children and adults alike, this presents a fun and unique challenge that combines balance, coordination, and precise control. Additionally, the scooters often come with a wider deck and enhanced safety features to accommodate the additional movements. This modern take on the classic scooter opens up a whole new avenue of outdoor play and skill development.