Shadow Shifter

RC transforming stealth ship from MGA features Mabuchi motor for aquatic speed and nautical stunts including spins

Shadow ShifterRun silent and run fast with MGA RC Shadow Shifter, the dual-mode watercraft. This amazingly fast and sleek ship travels across the water at an incredible speed and, with a push of a button on the remote, it transforms from hyper-speed mode to stealth mode, so no one will hear you coming. This transformable ship is the ultimate in water RC, they'll never even know you're coming. Includes Transformable Shadow Shifter RC and full-function remote control handset. Transform Shadow Shifter in seconds with a push of a button on the remote. Twin-turbo props for incredible water speed. Features Mabuchi motors for long lasting play. Perform multi-directional spins. Automatic Retrieval System (ARS) when watercraft is out of operating range. Full-functional wireless radio control handset provides six-way maneuvering operation. Available in two radio frequencies so you can race them against each other for competitive racing fun.

Flying an R/C seaplane combines the best of two worlds: water and air, providing a uniquely versatile and thrilling experience. Unlike regular R/C planes, seaplanes are equipped to take off and land on water, broadening the scope of where you can pilot them. The sensation of skillfully gliding your seaplane across a calm lake before lifting off into the sky brings a level of satisfaction that is hard to match. Moreover, these R/C planes often come with specialized features like pontoons, giving them stability on water. Controlling a miniature aircraft that can maneuver in two different elements is not only fun but also incredibly captivating, serving as a great way to introduce both young and old enthusiasts to the principles of aerodynamics and the physics of water buoyancy.