Miniature dolls Gia, Nia, and Zia are two inches high and come with fashion accessories, tiny playset, and interactive pets

ShortiesThey might be small but they are big on personality and style. Expect the unexpected with the Shorties. Only two inches high, they fit perfectly into their little world. Gia, Nia and Zia come from a place where everyone is short and that is the way they like it. Each of these bubbly, fun dolls has a different look and style. Each character comes with pieces that reflect their unique personalities. Gia is all about fashion. She comes with a cell phone, makeup and other trendy accessories. Nia is the rocker in the clique. In her room she has vintage furniture and a skateboard. Zia loves retro and has an eclectic style all her own from her disco ball to her old school record player. Each doll comes with two additional fashions, or Pop Bods as they call them. A magnetic feature lets dolls interact with their pets. Display all these fun pieces in the fold-out room environment.

Dolls that can interact with their pets add an extra layer of engagement and joy to the playtime experience. The dynamic between the doll and its pet opens up new storytelling possibilities, mimicking the real-life bond between humans and their animal companions. Whether the pet barks, purrs, or even 'responds' to the doll's commands, these interactive features captivate children's imaginations. Pets can be fed, walked, or even taken to a pretend vet, enhancing role-playing scenarios. This not only makes playtime more enjoyable but also educates children about responsibility and empathy toward animals. The interactive element adds a dash of magic, as children are delighted by the responsive feedback they get from these toys, making each play session uniquely entertaining.