Snuffles Plush Toy

Lovable white plush bear.

Snuffles Plush ToyIt's easy to see why Gund dubbed Snuffles its quintessential bear. He sits on rounded haunches with his shoulders sloped and his head tilted expectantly skyward, beckoning you to pick him up. Once he's in your hands, Snuffle's satiny white fur, soft insides, open arms, and concave tummy invite a heart-felt embrace. His felt-covered nose adds a touch of elegance. A Gund classic since 1981, this 11-inch Snuffles is a great value among lovable bears. He's filled with polyester fiber and is surface washable.

The bear species known for its white fur is the Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus). Native to the Arctic regions, these bears are well-adapted to cold climates and are excellent swimmers. Their white fur serves as camouflage against the snow and ice, allowing them to stalk seals, which are their primary source of food. The coloration also helps to insulate them from the harsh conditions of their environment. It's important to note that the polar bear's fur is not truly "white"; each hair is actually transparent and hollow, reflecting and scattering light in a way that makes the fur appear white to the human eye.