Soccer Starter Set

This starter set has everything young soccer players need to start practicing.

Soccer Starter SetEndorsed by Major League Soccer--America's premier pro-soccer association--this starter set has everything young soccer players need to start practicing. The official size 4 ball (the right size for youth players) comes with a durable synthetic cover that's stitched at the seams, not molded or glued as on cheaper balls. A pair of sturdy, ventilated shin guards protects young legs from wayward kicks, and a set of four fluorescent-orange training discs lets you set up goals, boundary lines, or checkpoints for dribbling drills.

The popularity of soccer, known as football in most other parts of the world, has been steadily growing in the United States over the past few decades. Once overshadowed by sports like American football, basketball, and baseball, soccer has carved out a substantial niche, fueled by various factors. The success of Major League Soccer (MLS), the introduction of high-profile international players to American teams, and extensive media coverage have all contributed to this rise. Additionally, the performance of the U.S. Women's National Team on the global stage has garnered attention and sparked interest at the grassroots level. Soccer's relatively low cost and simplicity make it accessible for young athletes, contributing to its growing presence in schools and local clubs. With a diverse fan base that reflects the nation's multicultural fabric, soccer has the potential to become an even more significant sport in the American cultural landscape.