Socker Boppers

Classic Toy from the 1970s

Socker BoppersBlow up hand mittens that do no harm. A kind of soft boxing toy. Socker Boppers are inflatable boxing gloves that are safe and fun.

Inflatable soft pillow-like boxing gloves take the excitement of a traditional boxing match and infuse it with an extra layer of whimsy and safety. Designed to be oversized and cushioned, these gloves make each 'punch' feel like a soft nudge, ensuring that the thrill of the game comes without the risk of real injury. The inflatable nature of the gloves adds an element of hilarity, as they wobble and bounce with each hit, making it hard to take the bout too seriously. Ideal for kids and adults alike, these gloves are often a hit at parties, family gatherings, or casual get-togethers. They offer a way to channel competitive energy into a fun and harmless activity, encouraging physical engagement and laughter among participants. Whether used as a centerpiece for an event or as a spontaneous activity, inflatable soft pillow-like boxing gloves offer a unique and entertaining twist to playful combat.