Sorry Card Revenge

Easy-to-learn, electronic card game edition in which players must match colors or follow a numerical sequence

Sorry Card RevengeTakes the classic game of sweet revenge to the next level in an easy-to-learn, electronic card game edition. Players start with five cards and follow the directions from the host - a fast-talking, oversized, electronic Sorry pawn with an attitude - as they try to play out their hand of cards onto the discard pile. To discard, a player must match the card color, or play a sequence of cards in numerical order. When a player discards a Sorry card on an opponent, that player must tap the pawn, which will direct him or her draw cards or, if lucky, discard. The first player to play out his or her hand of cards onto the discard pile four times wins.

The game of "Sorry! Card Revenge" is a twist on the classic board game "Sorry!" which many families have enjoyed for generations. Unlike the original game, which utilizes a board and pawns, "Sorry! Card Revenge" relies on cards to dictate gameplay. Players still aim to get their four pawns safely home, but instead of rolling dice, they draw and play cards to move their pawns or interfere with opponents. What sets "Sorry! Card Revenge" apart is the electronic talking card shooter that adds a dynamic and unexpected element to the game. The card shooter randomly shoots cards out, adding an element of surprise and excitement. The game combines strategy, luck, and a bit of sabotage, capturing the essence of the original "Sorry!" while offering a new, fast-paced experience. Its unpredictable nature and the quick decision-making it demands make it a hit across age groups, perfect for family game nights or casual gatherings.