Sparkle Style House Fashion Polly

Fashion Polly Sparkle Style House by Mattel.

Sparkle Style House Fashion PollyLittle Polly Pocket can have a day of beauty or rest with this compact set that includes a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room. The set comes with a 3.5-inch-tall blond Polly figure, her pet cat, and an array of accessories, including several trendy mix-and-match outfits, a flip-top table, a barstool, lampshades, pillows, and more. This set also lets you add a little sparkle to Polly's clothing and house accessories--the included pink plastic closet, tube of glue, and two tubes of glitter make it happen. Choose the piece you want to decorate, apply glue where you want the glitter to stick, hang it in the Glitterific Closet, then pour glitter through a hole in the top as a battery-operated fan blows it onto the item. Careful construction ensures that glitter won't get everywhere, and there's a way to gather the unused portion without making a mess.

Children are often fascinated by Polly Pocket because of its miniature world that offers big adventures. The compact size of Polly Pocket sets makes them portable and easy to carry, allowing kids to take their imaginative play wherever they go. The intricate details, varying themes, and interactive features of these playsets captivate young minds, encouraging creative storytelling and role-playing. Polly and her friends come with a range of accessories and outfits, letting children engage in social play and explore different scenarios, from beach parties to camping trips. The small scale of Polly Pocket toys also helps kids feel a sense of control and ownership, as they can easily manipulate the tiny figures and environments with their hands. This allows for a multi-sensory play experience that not only entertains but also aids in the development of fine motor skills and spatial awareness. All these elements contribute to Polly Pocket's enduring popularity among children.