SpectraColor Image Pad - Spectra Color

A light bright that you touch, a great alternative.

SpectraColor Image Pad - Spectra ColorTouch the Spectracolor screen and instantly brilliant colors appear. Break away from the old way of drawing with light with the Spectracolor Image Pad. Bursting with color, there has never been a more exciting way to draw. Use your fingertips or the available stylus to work with the brilliant specs of colors on your image pad. Also included are 6 different templates to guide you in designing your masterpieces. Bursting with color, there has never been a more amazing way to draw. Just touch the screen and instantly brilliant colours appear. Use your fingertips or the stylus available to work the specs of brilliant colors on your image pad.

Electronic touch-sensitive art pads that allow users to create designs with light offer a unique blend of technology and creativity, making them a hit among children and adults alike. These art pads often feature an LED-lit screen or a special surface that reacts to touch or stylus input, illuminating in different colors or patterns. This not only makes the process visually appealing but also opens the door to exploring concepts like color theory, symmetry, and spatial relations in an interactive manner. Additionally, these pads often come with pre-programmed designs or games that can teach basic art principles while keeping the user engaged. The tactile experience of drawing on the touch-sensitive surface can also be more intuitive for young children than traditional paper and pencil, encouraging them to experiment and express themselves freely. Beyond the sheer fun factor, electronic touch-sensitive art pads offer an educational edge, helping to hone fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Whether you're creating simple doodles or intricate patterns, the immediate feedback and endless possibilities make these art pads a captivating tool for artistic exploration.