Speed Stars

Hasbro Speed Stars Sonic Stunt Raceway

Speed StarsSpeed Stars are all about speed, stunts and performance -- and this cool raceway delivers them all. Figure-8 racetrack set is designed for preschoolers but features big-boy thrills and action, too. Open the gates to let racers do spectacular stunt jumps across the tracks. Almost everything you'd see at a real raceway, including winner's circle and service pit. Each car chasis has a removable body that can be switched interchangeably among all the Speed Stars cars. Easy to set up, with fold-up storage.

Race tracks designed for little stunt play cars offer a high-octane playground for kids to explore the physics of motion, all while enjoying thrilling jumps, loops, and spins. These tracks are often modular, allowing for endless customization and the opportunity to build increasingly complex circuits. Built-in launchers propel cars at high speeds, enabling them to perform gravity-defying stunts like flying through the air or completing 360-degree loops. The tactile experience of setting up the track and the cars helps to develop fine motor skills, while the strategic aspect of designing the track layout nurtures problem-solving skills. The excitement is ramped up by additional features such as trapdoors, ramps, and obstacles, making each play session a new adventure. Plus, the bright colors and dynamic designs of these tracks and cars captivate children's imagination, making them a timeless toy that continues to evolve with new technology and features. Whether playing solo or with friends, race tracks for little stunt play cars deliver endless hours of inventive, adrenaline-pumping fun.