Splatter Dome - 2319 - 23-19 - Splatterdome

Kids can create 8 different objects

Splatter Dome - 2319 - 23-19 - SplatterdomeKids can create 8 different objects. First, they create a mold using compound 23-19 (Play-Doh). Then, they fill the mold with exoplasm. After a couple of minutes, they remove the squishy character, drain it's insides, and inject it with bright-colored 'Unrefined Scream.' Finally, put it under the CDA disintegration dome and splatter it. Kids can make fascinating artwork with the Nickelodeon Splatter Dome Spin-Art Studio. They simply insert paper into the wheel, install the splatter guard, place paint bottles in the pod holders, turn on the wheel and watch the fun fly. The more the paper spins, the fancier the paint design. Kids can use the finished designs for other crafts, including mobiles, picture frames, wall hangings, magnets and more. Includes splatter dome, 4 bottles of washable metallic paint and 10 pre-cut painting cards.

An art playset that splatters paint into patterns is a wonderful way for children to engage with the world of art in a dynamic and interactive manner. The unpredictable nature of the paint splattering offers a delightful surprise element, allowing kids to create unique, abstract designs each time. This hands-on approach to art-making encourages creativity, experimentation, and even an understanding of basic physics as children learn how the force and angle of splatter affects the resulting pattern. It's a sensory-rich experience that involves not just the visual aspect, but also the tactile and kinesthetic joy of active creation. Plus, the colorful outcome can give a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem. For many kids, the messier the activity, the more fun it is, making a splatter paint art set an ideal combination of learning and playful excitement.