B-Daman Blaster Tournament Arena

Be da man in ten tournament competitions with DHB Direct Hit Battle target toy

B-Daman Blaster Tournament ArenaThe time has come to show what you've got. See if you have what it takes to be a B-Daman champion. Get ready for ultimate Battle B-Daman tournament play, where only the best can emerge as champion. Awesome arena features ten different games plus cool accessories. Hone five separate skills on the four-foot-long B-Dabattle field arena. Comes with puck, B-Daballs, target gates, barricades, BDaman, target pins, and event spinner.

B-Daman figures are part of a marble shooting toy line and game that originated in Japan. These toys are unique humanoid figures that are specially designed to hold a marble in their core. By positioning the figure and then releasing the marble, players can engage in various games and challenges that involve aiming and shooting at targets. Over the years, B-Daman has had multiple series with various themes and gameplay mechanics, each offering specialized figures with unique abilities. The figures often have customizable parts to enhance their shooting capabilities, allowing players to tailor their B-Daman to suit different game modes or strategies. The B-Daman franchise has even been adapted into anime and manga series, capturing the imaginations of fans worldwide and giving the toys a narrative backdrop that enhances their appeal.