ESPN Shot Block Basketball

Sport station with electronic scoring, lights, sounds, and commentary

ESPN Shot Block BasketballThe ESPN Shot Block Basketball station has automatic shot-block defense. The more you score, the more you'll feel like an all-star with electronic scoring, lights, and sounds-plus the voice of celebrity Dick Vitale. You can add to the fun by lowering the ball chute and playing one-on-one. Includes two balls and folds compact for behind-the-door storage.

A basketball game that hangs on the back of a door offers a convenient and entertaining way to enjoy basketball without the need for a full court. Whether you're in a dorm room, office, or at home, this mini basketball setup provides an instant dose of fun. It's a versatile game that can be played solo, perfect for practicing your shooting skills, or in a competitive setting with friends and family. These games often come with a mini basketball and a spring-loaded rim, giving you the satisfying "swish" or "slam dunk" experience right in your own room. It's a great way to take short breaks, lighten the atmosphere, and even engage in some friendly competition. Best of all, it's an excellent way for kids to develop hand-eye coordination and for adults to relieve stress without having to step outside.