Moon Shoes

Anti-gravity coordination toy provide mini trampolines for your feet enabling you to jump and bounce high

Moon ShoesTurn your feet into trampolines and defy gravity with Moon Shoes, the original toy mini trampolines for the feet. Kids can leap higher than ever as they improve coordination and balance. Made of quality high-density plastic with adjustable Velcro nylon straps and sure-footing, non-skid soles. Fits shoe sizes up to men's size nine. A giant leap for your child's athletic balance and coordination. With Moon Shoes, kids have incredible fun as they jump with anti-gravity effects while developing balance and coordination. Moon Shoes feature a self-centering shoe platform with non-skid grip surface for sure-footed, high-bouncing thrills.

Moon Shoes are a novelty toy that act like mini trampolines for your feet, allowing users to bounce around as if they were on the moon. Invented in the 1950s but gaining significant popularity in the 1990s, Moon Shoes comprise a platform attached to a set of flexible springs that are then strapped onto the wearer's shoes. The concept behind them is to offer a sense of low-gravity hopping, similar to what astronauts experience on the moon. Marketed mainly to children and pre-teens, they have become a nostalgic symbol of youthful outdoor play for many who grew up in the '90s. Although they never replaced traditional methods of getting around, like running or jumping, they offered a unique and fun experience that combined elements of imaginative play with physical activity. While they might not offer the highest level of exercise or practicality, Moon Shoes have remained a memorable piece of pop culture.