Spy Gear Laser Tripwire

Wild Planet Spygear lazer trip wire protects your stuff with the kind of light beam system that banks and museums use

Spy Gear Laser TripwireSecurity system for kids that uses safe light beams. Kids can make mazes of lasers in their rooms to create a hi-tech security system. Includes three emitter sensor pairs to make three connecting beams. The beams are invisible to intruders but not to you. Use the light-up water mist to illuminate the beams and avoid setting off the alarm. System is expandable by adding more units.

Motion alarms that use light beams bring an advanced level of security and interaction to both real-world applications and imaginative play. In real-world scenarios, these devices often use infrared or laser beams to create an invisible boundary; when the beam is broken, an alarm is triggered. This technology has been simplified and adapted for children's toys and games, introducing young minds to basic concepts of security and surveillance. For example, some sets include multiple light beam units and receivers that can be strategically placed to create a maze or obstacle course. When a child navigates through the beams without triggering them, it can feel like a thrilling mission straight out of a spy movie. These light beam motion alarms combine learning with entertainment, offering a hands-on experience in basic physics and electronics.