Star Wars Duel Action Light Saber

Double lightsaber comes with a hidden blade that can be combined with the main one for duel action

Star Wars Duel Action Light SaberHidden inside the lightsaber's handle is a second lightsaber for double dueling action. Battle with a lightsaber in each hand, or connect them for a double-bladed weapon as you call upon the power of the Force. Reveal the secret of this Jedi light saber at the last minute and surprise your opponent.

In the Star Wars universe, Jedi Knights channel the Force in battle to enhance their physical abilities, sense danger, and manipulate objects around them. They utilize the Force to augment their speed, strength, and reflexes, allowing them to perform incredible acrobatic feats and wield lightsabers with exceptional skill. A Jedi can also use the Force to anticipate opponents' moves, making it possible to dodge blaster bolts and counter attacks with preternatural precision. Beyond that, Jedi can employ various Force powers such as telekinesis to disarm or incapacitate opponents, and sometimes even to wield their lightsabers remotely. Some advanced Jedi techniques include Force push, Force pull, and even abilities like Force choke or Force lightning, although the latter are generally associated with the Dark Side. The Jedi aim to use these abilities judiciously and in alignment with their ethical principles, focusing on incapacitating rather than killing, and using the Force as a tool for defense rather than aggression.