Doodle Bear

Write messages on plush bear with glow pen or candy scented washable markers

Doodle BearCombine the soft cuddliness of a plush bear with the fun of activity drawing. Draw on Doodle Bear with the marker and stamper, wash doodle bear in the washing machine, and start all over again. The special material allows children to write messages on the soft stuffed bear and see them glow in the dark. Hold the bear up to the light and then turn the lights out and the plush bear glows brightly too.

A bear toy that you can doodle on and that glows in the dark combines several elements of play and fascination for children. On one hand, the doodling aspect taps into a child's innate desire for creative expression, allowing them to personalize their toy with drawings and designs. The glow-in-the-dark feature adds an extra layer of excitement, transforming the bear into a comforting or mesmerizing nightlight, and making it a fun, interactive toy for bedtime. This multifaceted bear appeals to children's sensory experiences, imaginative play, and artistic tendencies, all while offering a source of comfort and companionship after the lights go out.